Learn More About Jesus & the Bible

Resources to learn more about Jesus and how to understand the Bible

Learning More About Jesus and the Bible

At First UMC we offer several small groups and classes to help you learn more about Jesus and the Bible, but some people are just looking for a simple place to start on their own. While there are many good resources, there are two websites that we find particularly helpful: He Gets Us and The Bible Project.

To learn more about Jesus, check out the website, He Gets Us. You will find short helpful articles that connect Jesus to your real life. They also offer Bible reading plans, a prayer text app, and ways to connect with other Christians in your area. If you would like to have a conversation with Pastor Mark about what it means to be a follower of Jesus, please contact the church office.

The Bible Project offers a series of short videos to help you better understand the Bible. While they are informed by modern scholarship, the videos are also entertaining and easy to understand. Pastor Mark also teaches a class on the book, Making Sense of the Bible, by Adam Hamilton, that gives a solid overview and more in-depth treatment of key issues. For more information on this class, please contact the church office.