Engage: Community Service

At FUMCCB we believe that it's important to engage the larger community as the hands and feet of Jesus. While everyone is encouraged to serve wherever s/he feels most passionate, our church-wide service focus is on helping at-risk kids through the public-school system, especially Roosevelt Elementary School and our own VPK program. Those who are looking for a place to serve are provided multiple options both in personal and group settings that can be adapted to fit different schedules. 

In addition, we offer various levels of support to other ministries:



The Kairos “inside program” brings inmates and volunteers together for a 3½-day event of carefully coordinated talks, discussions, chapel meditations, and music led by a same-gender team of volunteers. The goal is to build Christian community inside the prison.  

The Kairos “outside program” brings the hope of Christ to women whose husbands, relatives, or friends have been incarcerated. In a 2 ½-day retreat setting, women openly and confidentially share. Talks and meditations are designed to address the pain of enduring separation from their loved one(s) and the judgment of others in their community. Through the respect, love, and warmth they experience in interactions with volunteers, they open-up and find support.




United Methodist Women: This multi-generational group focuses on serving in the following areas:


  • Visiting homebound men and women.

  • Providing meals for youth and children's ministries

  • Supporting a variety of church activities including Red Bird Mission.




 Surfer's Helping Kids: Pastor Mark and Dan Colburn lead a non-profit (501c3) that cordinates Surf and Serve trips that benefit children and families in need at home and abroad. For more information goto surfershelpingkids.org