Learn: Studies and Groups

Discipleship University: We offer a sequence of three foundational classes to equip people for a lifetime of spiritual growth. Despite the designation "University" only 15-20 minutes of "homework" is assigned although deeper study is often offered for those wishing to dig a little deeper.  Participants will find this a great opportunity for fellowship and growth.  Each class is six weeks long and typically meets on Wednesday nights (6:30pm--8:00 p.m.). Alternative times are scheduled for those who cannot meet on Wednesdays. After completing all three studies, participants are given a certificate and celebrated in worship! The classes are:

  1. The Life and Teachings of Jesus
  2. Making Sense of the Bible
  3. Spiritual Practices for Spiritual Growth

Contact the office for information on the next class.

We also offer other studies and groups for continuing education and fellowship. Some examples . . . 

Monday Night Study: 6:30 pm in Room 4 (Downstairs). This group typically uses Pastor Mark's sermon notes to go deeper into the scripture verses and topics of the Sunday morning message. They also occasionally select a thematic Bible study to help participants go deeper into their faith.  For more information, contact Joy: 321-536-9930. (This group sometimes takes a break during the summer months. Contact the office for a detailed schedule.)

Thursday Morning Study: 10:00am in Room 4 (Downstairs). This group is currently working thourgh the book We Make the Road by Walking, by Brian McLaren. (This group takes a break during the summer months. Contact the office for a detailed schedule.)

Adult Sunday School Classes: An adult class meets at 9:30 on Sunday mornings in Room 4. This group is currently studying Proverbs and is facilitated by Phyllis Banks.  For more information, contact the church office.

Women Alone: 8:45am on Mondays at the Island Tiki Grill. For more information, contact Becky: 321-305-4567. 

United Methodist Men:  Third Thursday of every month at 6:30pm in the Church Fellowship Hall. Although this group sometimes provides a short devotional or teaching, the men primarily meet to share a meal and enjoy fellowship. For more information, contact Bud: 321-431-2210.