A Spirituality of Imperfection Series



  1. Being Honest about being Human In this message, Pastor Mark launches a new series that will help you distinguish between life-giving spirituality and death-dealing religion. True spirituality is not about life after death, but life before death! It's not about escaping our humanity, but being honest about our doubts, limitations, and imperfections and finding ways to live an authentic life by accepting them. Do you have the courage to accept your own humanity?  Itunes Podcast on the go - click here to play or download an audio itunes version to take with you in the car or to the gym
  2. Beyond the Ordinary:  Access to the Spiritual In this message, Pastor Mark explores how true spirituality points us beyond the ordinary—beyond what we can see, possess, control, and understand. In addition, he raises the question: What blocks our access to spiritual reality and what opens the door?
  3. Honesty and Compassion:  Living with Imperfection  When we pursue a perfection that is unattainable for human beings, we create unnecessary anguish in our lives and get stuck. In contrast, the way to freedom, healing, and peace begins with honesty and acceptance. As we honestly acknowledge and accept our imperfections, and as we honestly acknowledge and confess our sin, something incredible happens--compassion. We become more gracious, loving, and compassionate towards others and ourselves.
  4. Do You See what I See?  Fantasy, Reality, Spirituality  True spirituality teaches that there are people who can see but are still blind, people who can hear but are still deaf, and people who are smart but still foolish. It also provides a path from distorted illusion to enlightened perception.
  5. The Gift of Freedom:  Attachment, Surrender, and Release  In this message, Pastor Mark talks about how we become enslaved to various feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors, and how true spirituality leads to an experience of release. What blocks release is a willful demand for absolute security and uninterrupted satisfaction, both of which make it impossible for us to surrender control of our lives. At the end, he provides spiritual resources that can prepare us to receive the gift of freedom.
  6. Letting Go of Resentment  True spirituality teaches that resentment leads to many spiritual diseases. In this message, Pastor Mark talks about how to let go of anger, bitterness, and resentment so we can experience the gifts of freedom of forgiveness.
  7. You Are a Mixed Bag!  Humility in the Spiritual Life  True spirituality gives us a balanced and honest view of ourselves. This is the real meaning of humility, and when we practice this virtue it helps us see that we are all a mixed bag of strength and weakness, success and failure, virtue and vice. We are no better and no worse than others because we are all imperfect human beings. Once we get this, we become less judgmental and more compassionate, to ourselves and others.
  8. Cultivating and Attitude of Grattitude  We have so much to be thankful for, but take so much for granted. In this message, Pastor Mark explains that if we are not intentional about cultivating an attitude of gratitude that our life will drift into negativity, entitlement, and greed. Then he offers four practices that can lead to a conversion of the heart.
  9. Preparing for an Imperfect Christmas  How often do we try to create the perfect Christmas, only to find that these efforts elevate our frustration and take us farther away from the true meaning of the holiday? In this message, Pastor Mark asks: What would it be like to prepare for an imperfect Christmas? How would this change our experience and lead to the bigger gifts promised in this holy season: peace, love, joy, and hope?