Faithful Series (Christmas)


1.  Forget Yourself on Purpose:  Abadoning the Quest for Self-importance - In this message, Pastor Mark reflects on how God's choosing of Joseph to be Jesus' earthly father reveals important values for those seeking abundant life. If you want to find real joy this Christmas season, you have to learn how to forget yourself on purpose. 

2.  Merciful Joseph: An Alternative to Retaliation and Vindictiveness - How do you respond when someone mistreats you? Do you vindicate yourself and strike back, or choose the higher calling of grace? Joseph's response to Mary, when she tells him that she's pregnant and the child is not his, gives us an inspiring alternative to the retaliation that often injures our relationships. Check out this message to see how.

3.  Nothing Risked, Nothing Gained: Courageous Faith - The Christmas story, as narrated in the Bible, teaches us that following Jesus is risky business. If we are not able to deal with our fears and step-out in courageous faith, then we will never experience the fullness of God's joy. In this message, Pastor Mark uses the story of Joseph to illustrate this point. While there is something for everyone in this message, it will especially connect with step-parents, foster-parents, and adoptive parents.

4.  Navigating Journeys We Don't Want to Take - "You're being transferred." "I want a divorce." "You have to get sober." "The test results are positive." "I'm sorry, she didn't make it." Words like these force us to take journeys we don't want to take. In this message, Pastor Mark explains that Mary and Joseph were forced to be refugees after the birth of Jesus, and suggests that this unexpected and undesirable journey helps us better navigate our own.