Celebrate: Worship Ministries


As we learn and practice the teachings of Jesus, we experience gratitude and joy. Thus, we provide opportunities to CELEBRATE the life and love that God makes possible in Jesus through weekly worship services. Worship should not be boring, irrelevant, or ritualistic. It should be a party every week because we gather to celebrate the resurrection of Christ--to rejoice in the good news that love is stronger than hate and life is stronger than death. Since different people express their joy and gratitude in different ways, we offer two different kinds of worship experiences.


  • Traditional: Weekly at 11:00am (Sanctuary)
  • Contemporary: December 3rd at 9:30am (Sanctuary)


From January thur March 2018 we will offer contemporary worship on the second and fourth Sundays of the month (9:30am). Starting April 2018 this will become a weekly option. 

Come celebrate with us this Sunday!