You can access many of Pastor Mark's Teachings online.





In common use, "podcasting" refers to delivering audio programs over the Internet.  These programs are often similar in style and content to radio shows and are typically provided as MP3 files, but they can be any type of audio in any digital audio format.  A "podcatcher" is software that allows you to subscribe to a series of related programs such as our weekly sermons and get the new individual programs automatically when they are made available online.  Once downloaded to your computer, the programs can be easily transferred to your phone, tablet, portable MP3 player, or computer, allowing you to take them with you wherever you go.

For example, with free podcatcher software such as iTunes you can:

  • set your computer to automatically download Pastor Mark's sermons each week as soon as they appear on the Internet by simply subscribing to his podcast
  • set your computer to automatically transfer those sermons to your device
  • listen to those sermons in the car or when you exercise 

Instructions to Subscribe to the iTunes Podcast:

For iPhone (If you don't have an iPhone, download the iTunes app from your app store)

1. Click on the "Podcasts" button (purple square) on your iPhone.
2. Click the "Search" button (bottom right)
3. In the search box at top, type in "Pastor Mark Reynolds Podcast."
4. Click the blue "Search" button on bottom right.
5. Look under "Podcasts" (below "Podcast Episodes").
6. Click on Pastor's podcast (the icon is a picture of Pastor Mark).
From here, you can listen to episodes and subscribe.

For Your Computer or Tablet:

If you have an Apple computer or iPad, follow the directions above for the iPone. If you have a PC, you can download iTunes to your computer or download the app in your apps market. Once you download and open iTunes:

1. Click "iTunes Store" on the top horizontal menu.
2. In search box (top right), type "Pastor Mark Reynolds' Podcast."
3. Look under "Podcasts" (below "Podcast Episodes").
4. Click on Pastor's podcast (the icon is a picture of Pastor Mark). From here, you can listen to episodes and subscribe. If you subscribe, then you can easily access the podcast on iTunes when you open the program by clicking on the "..." on the left-hand side of the top menu, then click "Podcasts."


If you don't want to use iTunes, you can also access the podcast online through the Podomatic website and app. Search: Pastor Mark Reynolds.


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