Our Mission: To learn and practice the teachings of Jesus in ways that create communities of love deployed in service.


Our Vision: To transform the Florida Space Coast by every member serving as the hands and feet of Jesus.  


Our Path to Transformation:

To accomplish our mission of creating Christian communities of love deployed in service, FUMCCB offers a simple, step-by-step process that everyone can follow to experience spiritual transformation.

First, we provide opportunities for people to LEARN the teachings of Jesus. The most important studies constitute a sequence of three classes called Discipleship University: (1) The Life and Teachings of Jesus, (2) Making Sense of the Bible, and (3) Spiritual Practices for Spiritual Growth. Since these are the foundational classes that equip people for a lifetime of spiritual growth, we offer them on a regular basis. All three classes are six-weeks long. In addition to these foundational classes, we offer a variety of learning experiences that are considered continuing education.

Second, we provide opportunities for people to practice the teachings of Jesus by ENGAGING in community service. While everyone is encouraged to serve wherever s/he feels most passionate, our church-wide service focus is on helping at-risk kids through the public-school system, especially Roosevelt Elementary School and our own VPK program. Those who are looking for a place to serve are provided multiple options both in personal and group settings that can be adapted to fit into different schedules.  

As we learn and practice the teachings of Jesus, we experience gratitude and joy, both of which seek expression. Thus, we provide opportunities to CELEBRATE the life and love that God makes possible in Jesus through weekly worship services. Worship should not be boring, irrelevant, or ritualistic—it should be a party every week because we gather to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, to rejoice in the good news that love is stronger than hate and life is stronger than death. Since different people express their gratitude and joy in different ways, we offer two different kinds of worship experiences. (See below.) 

It's by continuously and consistently learning, engaging, and celebrating that we experience spiritual transformation and create communities of love that make a positive difference in our community and world.

If you are new to our church, the first step in learning more about our mission, vision, values, and path to transformation is to attend one of the monthly Inquirers Luncheons, which are usually led by Pastor Mark after our 11:00am Sunday Celebration. 


Worship Times: 

  • Traditional: Weekly at 11:00am (Sanctuary)
  • Contemporary: Monthly (Second Sunday) at 9:30am


Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm; every other Friday 9:00am-12:00pm.


Address: 3300 N. Atlantic Ave.; Cocoa Beach, FL 32931


Church Phone Number: (321) 783-8991


Church Email: fumccb@cfl.rr.com